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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 18, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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situation for the market. i would say, not going to take much. we have to get it under control. neil: we'll see, ken "money" with melissa francis. have a good night. >> i'm melissa francis and here is "who made money today". anyone shorting apple. the stock crashed today falling below 400 bucks for the first time in more than two years. that means for the apple has lost it's title as the world's most valuable company. that title goes back to exxonmobil. so who is not making money? pretty much everyone else. it was a terrible day on wall street. the dow fell 138 points. all three major intoday he is sees closedin the red. one of the biggest looser of the day was former vice president rand self-proclaimed internet inventor al gore. gore sits on apple board of directors. he owns nearly 62,000
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shares. he lost $1. million at least on paper. sorry about that, al. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: ebay and american express releasing their earnings. let's go right to dennis kneale at the breaking news desk and, dennis, what is the latest? >> ebayosting robust results but wall street is not happy. shares are down 2 1/2% after-hours. here's why. earnings per share, wall street wanted 63 cents. came in at 62 cents. never mind that is up from 44 cents a year ago. there is huge growth. revenues come in at $3.74 billion. wall street wanted a teensy bit more, 3.76. that has people jittery. but also the company, ebay saying our second quarter we're in the middle of now is going to come in at 61 to 63 cents a share. wall street wanted 62 cents
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a share. it reiterates full year, 16 to 16 1/2 billion. its gross merchandise sales on ebay up 13% in the quarter. paypal payments up 21% to over $40 billion. paypal enables online payment everywhere, not just on ebay. paypal up to 120 million accounts. up five million in the quarter. versus 110 million a year ago. nowo american express, $1.15 a share. that beats wall street expectations a $1.12 at american express. revenue again comes in aa a miss at 7.9 billion. that sunday rounding up. wall street wanted 8.03. good news for investors in american express though. quarterly dividend payment. it will rise 15%, $3.2 billion extra stock buy-back by year-end. a billion dollars on top of that. and stock buyback of amex shares in the first quarter of 2014. that helped support the company stock price and it also lifts its earnings per
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share because you have fewer shares ostanding. here isne thing that bothers me about american express though, guys. the loss provision of american express total over all its divisions up 21% in the quarter to almost half a billion dollars. now, amex says not to worry. says credit indicate are at historically strong levels. year ago quarter we had some other stuff. any 21% increase in the loss provisions think is a little worrisome. amex card purchases up 6%. that's pretty good on such a huge company, melissa. melissa: dennis i know the conference call is going on right now of american express. you're combing through results. what would you ask? i would ask for the loss provision. you don't want to see losses go up 21% when your business is going up 6%. what's wrong? i want tonow. melissa: dennis kneale, great stuff, thank you so much. >> okay, thanks. melissa: so a big down day for the market. ebay and american express earnings and conference calls underway as we speak as we told you. to keep you one step ahead of markets so you're making
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money, we have scott martin, chief market strategist at united advisors. mark minervy, author of trade like a stock market wizard. and lance robts chief economist ceo of street talk advisors. thanks to all of you for coming on. mark, what did you think of you what you heard from dennis? >> in regard to the earnings? melissa: yeah. what does that tell you flavor of these earnings, companies coming in and guidance not being as strong as the street would like? the stocks don't look that positive in trading afterwards? what is the overall take away from that tone? >> first of all you have to realize something like ebay is called a category killer. it is very hard to compete with but a good company doesn't always make a good stock. sometimes things are discounted in the price after it has run up for quite a while. when earnings come out even when they're good earnings sometimes the stock tops out. right now looks like stocks have been correcting for the past few weeks even though the dow has masked that somewhat. melissa: scott's what your reaction to the color dennis gave us? >> i think it is good color. i'll tell you what, melissa.
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here's what companies are doing these days. it is kind of becoming a tired story in my opinion. they're beating on bottom line. after you take out all the costs and margins and stuff they beaten the eps nuer and miss on the top line, right? show me something and also the outlooks are all netive because the sequester, payroll tax cut that went away, all that stuff, melissa is factoring i think what is happening in these companies to where mark's point, yeah they have all run up and now we're starting to say the cows are coming home and we don't have true eaings growth, the top-line growth that we need. melissa: lance, that is absolutely right. that is the theme we hear again and ain, they can't grow the top line because the economy isn't supporting that. what do you do? how do you respond to that? how do you protect your money? >> well the thing is you have to understand, actually mark hit on a great point, since 2009 revenuesnly grown by about 7% of the earnings have grown by almost 230%. the disparity's come from things like stock buybacks, accounting gimmickry in
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terms when do we account for stuff and when we don't. and so what drives corporate growth in the stock markets over the long term is that top line revenue, sales. that's what we node to see. that is what --. melissa: lance, i know that, tell me how do i protect my wealth in light of that? i hear what you're saying but you're reiterating what the guys before you said. we already agree with that. how do i protect my money >> i know. the point is we're telling you the strength of the economy the economy is getting a lot weaker here. all recent data shows it. it means cash and fixed income will perform better most likely over nt six to nine months while we g through this process. melissa: cash, cash is going to perform better?. >> cash. cash will perform better than stocks. >> right now i'm actually in cash the market here last week. talked about how the market looked like it might rollover and it is. however to go back to your point, how do you protect your money? you stay away from companies that can't grow the revenues
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and companies showing earnings but also strong revenue growth. so you want to require the company to show that it is hitting on all the cylinders. melissa: scott what do you think you go on cash at this point in order to protect your money? >> i don't think you have to. cash doesn't pay you anything. adjusting for inflation you will go broke safely i like to call it, loses money verse susnflation. mark touched on something. toilet peep, shampoo, those are things you look at in your 401(k) to own. i like high yield bonds. everyone is killing the high yield bonds, melissa. bond prices go up, rates go down, high yield bonds are paying three times what a treasury yield is. i consider these companies way more credit worthy than the government is. melissa: average people watching us at home, how do they play that? >> buy it in the 401(k). buy it in an etf in your account, in your brokerage
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account. basically like trading a stock but it is an index of all these companies, melissa. so you're diversified and spread out over the entire base of the sector. melissa: lance, td ameritrade did a study recently. trading volume is in decline because of sensation so many in our audience feel that it is very hard to pick stocks to win. what you need to do instead is protect what you have. do you feel -- go ahead. >> yeah, look, you took out of context what i said about cash a second ago. i was saying cash is simply a hedge against risk. as an individual investor it is very hard to short the market. you can do it but you can lose just as much money if you short at the wrong time. uncertainty is time to hold cash. doesn't mean hold it forever. doesn't mean go back t stocks. we're extremely loafer bought here, what we get a correction you have 93% correlation between all asset classes. doesn't matter whether you own staples, energy technology they will get hit equally you will lose money,
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period end of story. this is why thehe individual investor like at td ameritrade is stopping trading because they can't win the game. they lose every single time they take advice. melissa: what do you want them to do to realize what you're just saying? >> right. well, specifically right now, staples, in particular, staples and health care, utilities are so extended they are beyond historical norms valuations at these levels. so you will get a correction in price. so go in and trim off some. if you're going to plant a garden you got to go in harvest the fruit from time to time otherwise it rots on the vine. that's where we are. we're very overbought. take money off the table. doesn't mn sell everything. hold cash until the market corrects and what you can do, buy things cheaper. our job as investors. buy cheap, sell when expensive. right now everything is expensive. >> downside correlation on staples and utilities is not 93%. look it up on a chart, it is
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not that high. staples and utilities are doing way wellvery oust outperformance on the downside versus the s&p 500. melissa: we have to leave it there. good ideas all of you good debate. approval are of the keystone pipeline project in the wake of the boston bombing, are we prepared to protect our energy infrastructure from a terrorist attack? more money coming right up.
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melissa: the keystone xl pipeline could be one step closer to approval of. the house energy committee voted on a bill that eliminates a need for presidential approval. following the terror attack in boston are security concerns on the rise? with me is the bill's author, republican congressman lee terry. welcome to the show. you're one step closer. next stop is the house floor. what do you anticipate there? >> we had a great victory in the committee, strong bipartisan vote. we'll have the bill on the floo probably mid-may is what the peaker's office tells me. we expect a big bipartisan vote on the floor as well. melissa: were comments made in committee that lead you
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to believe this has a lot of support going forward? >> well it is just a geral talk of course in the committee, we had, a number about democrats tha did come over and vote for the bill. as we expected. and most of the criticism was still about that it's a dirty oil and we need to stop using oil and that type of typical argument. melissa: but that has worked in the past. that has been enough to stop a lot of projects dead in their tracks. >> that's a good point but i think people know that this is a safe project. we have 15,000 pages of environmental studies. several have been done. we've done the public comments. the public hearings, and i think people are just done with the issue. they know that it's a no-brainer and that we just ne to pass it. melissa: energy infrastructure is always always a target for terror, no matter where it is anywhere around the world. do you have more concerns about safety and security in the wake of everything that has happened this week? >> absolutely. our, entire energy,
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electricity, electrical generation, all the way to our pipelines are a critical infrastructure and we need it think more now we protect that type of critical infrastructure. melissa: is there, are there facets of this that make it safer or more dangerous? i mean i understand the majority of the pipeline is deep underground, so that would make it more difficult to atack. without question there are always points of vulnerability. >> there are points of vulnerability and that's what each carrier of pipeline will have to determine and frankly oil, you can damage the pipeline but all you're going to do is create a small spill. probably more of the natural gas where there will be some level of an explosion. and so we need to do a better job of identifying those weak points and protecting those. i'm actually more worried about our electrical generation because those buildings are out in t open. the towers can be brought
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down with electrical wires and so. there's ways to create more havoc in that area. melissa: well that's a great point. should we be doing more today to protect that? without question, that is a lot more dangerous and we have so many different pulse points all around the country and that could easily be targeted that would cause explosion and casualties where it is it would also cripple the country so should we be doing more? what can we do? >> each individual electric company has been tasked with fortifying and having their own security plans to protect vital, critical interests and they have been told to find their weak points, to not publicize them. but protect them. and, most of them have done a pretty good job of that. but we just haven't done the inventory to be certain that they are as hardened as they should be. melissa: yeah, that inventory might be a good
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idea. also the state department is holding a meeting in nebraska tomorrow. they will take public comments. do you think that could get contentious? >> well, the certainly is going to be emotional. it could be contentious. the environmental community has been putting out e-mails and notices to show up a day in advance. camp out because there is only going to be a number about slots to speak and they want to fill all of them, and so that is goi to upset others that want to testify on the positive aspects of the pipeline. so there could be but most of the time, yeah there is some emotional outbursts but this is our third round of public hearings in nebraska and we know what's coming. melissa: your bill eliminates the need for a presidential permit in order to go forward. even though you won't need that if it goes the way it is do you think you will get presidential support for the project? >> my hope is that we will. i would like to have the president's support and like him to go ahead and take care of the issue and sign
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the permit before we get it on the house floor or in the senate. the reality is there is a great vote in the house last time. we expect that. there were 62 votes for the keystone pipeline on a budget vote. so the president knows that there's overwhelming support in both houses. i would like him to just resolve the issue now. melissa: congressman terry, thanks so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: coming up on "money," deadly protests break out in venz ven following a cliffhanger presidential election. now there are whispers of a possible coup. is that something we should be funding? we have got two top experts to break it all down. m.o. "money" straight ahead.
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melissa: so a lot of conflicting report out today
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on whether or not a suspect has been identified and arrested in the horrific boston bombing. the fbi planning a press conference bit later. let's two to the white house now to get latest details from fox business's rich edson. rich, what do you know? >> good evening, melissa. what we know the f pushed back its press conference. firms are telling fox news not to expect any major announcements for tonight. the fbi boston police department saying they have no one in custody in connection with this. however fox news has been reporting there is an image of a young man carrying and perhaps dropping a bag at the second bombing scene, something they're working with right now. also, when you talk about what's going on here in washington, d.c., the story of these two letters that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. one addressed to president obama. one addressed to senator roger wicker of mississippi. they were intercepted before they got to their destinations. preliminarily testing positive for ricin. it takes 24 to 48 hours says
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the fbi to confirm it was ricin and that is something they're working o right now. a bit of a scare here in washington today as suspicious packages were reported in a number of different corners of senate office buildings. since that time after the initial care, all those packages and letters have been cleared. there are reports of suspicious letters being sent to a number of senate state offices. some of those have an about cleared. others are under investigation right now. also looking forward to tomorrow when president obama heads to boston for a memorial service. back to you. melissa: that's a lot. rich edson, thanks so much for that update. so as you know the boston marathon bombing sending shockwaves throughout our nation. we are still reeling from the death and destruction. joining me, kevin miles, a former fbi bomb technician and mike sullivan, former u.s. attorney in boston there during 9/11. paul staple ton, president of the stapleton group. kevin, let me start with you.
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rich put together all the events of the day. do you think there is connection between these letters that are potentially have ricin in them and what we saw on monday? >> probably not. melissa: really? >> we got a lot of these kind of letters in los angeles when i lived there, when i was part of the terrorism task force. they come a lot to congressman and senators and most of the time they're not valid. melissa: based on what you heard do you think they have a suspect? >> well, i mean i was here when first announcement was made. these things happen when these gigantic investigations. it will be very extensive long investigation, will go on for a long time. even if there is suspect, no matter what if he is arrested investigation will go on quite a while. they happen on occasion. i have no idea. melissa: yeah. mike, let me ask you because you served in the atf you know first-hand how these investigations work. what do you make of what you have heard so far today both in the media and rumors and chatter and whole thing? how far along do you think
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they are? do you they have someone? >> well, i think it is difficult to speculate as to whether or not they have anyone but i would say this. certainly there has been a tremendous amount of work done over last 48 hours. i'm absolutely confident they're that much closer to putting somebody under arrest as a result of the extraordinary work that's been done. i think we'll know soon enough. if not this evening we'll certainly know tomorrow whether or not somebody in fact, is in custody. custody is a term of art th leads to certain rights. so whether they have somebody that they're questioninit is unclear but there is a reason for keeping, you know, close tabs and keeping this, somewhat out of the public domain at this point in time. melissa: sure. >> particularly if releasing information would undermined your continuing investigation. melissa: how would it undermine the investigation to say you have some one or a suspect or as they said earlier today they saw someone in a video, they had a picture of them dropping
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the backpack? how does that undermined the investigation and get something out? >> not talking about particularly this investigation, but potentially releasing that information if there are other parties involved or other evidence that had not been properly seced. it might prevent law enforcement from identifying additional suspects or locating additial suspects or securing the evidence. it is methodical in terms of the process. two things they're most concerned about is investigation and continuing public safety. if there was risk to the public they would release the information. melissa: paul, your company provides security to fortune 500 companies. what we've noticed for sure in the wake of all these things that have happened and when we hear about what happened with the mail earlier today, everyone is on a heightened sense of alert. what kind of phone calls have you fielded? how much busier are you? >> well, thank you for having me. and one thing i can i will you is, most security assessments are done with a perimeter. your goal is to keep
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sterilization on the interior of the perimeter. what they're requiring to do is expand that perimeter through different pes of technology. obviously it is explosive detection k-9. that's why we're so busy. i think what we are trying to do is makes a big a deterrent as possible. and expand our scope --. melissa: companies are trying to do that? companies are trying to expand their perimeters and make their facilities safer, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. as well as relief some anxiety that employees and pedestrians are going through at this time. granted this happenedn boston, not new york. melissa: yeah. >> people feel the same sense of insecurity right now universally across the country. melissa: kevin, i always wonder as companies and individuals get more people in the mix, when they hire more people to do surveillance, to add cameras which are good but also to be on foot, walking around, to have bomb-sniffing dogs, does that help or does it complicate things? >> it helps. the more eyes out there looking for things the
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better. melissa: really? >> you heard if you see something say something. what i've learned the last couple of days is the fact that bomb squads around the nation are seeing enormous increase in their calls because of this. anytime you have a large bombing like oklahoma city, world trade center, it happens every time the citizens also, leap into action and anything they, deem suspicious they will ca and mb squads calls for service go flying through the roof. melissa: mike, you prosecuted the would-be shoe-bomber, the richard reid case. does having so many ople, so many people looking around, so many cameras taking photos, does it help things or does it possibly complicate the evidence and the investigation because you just have so many people out there piling evidence on law enforcement? >> well, clearly it helps, there is no question about it. that's the reap why the special agent in charge of the fbi kept on encouraging people it come forward if they saw something.
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surveillance cameras serve two useful purses. deterrents in some respects and becomes greatest tri value. i think we're learningthat as we go through this eggs have, the importance of the video. so i've always believed it enhances an investigation. doesn't hurt an investigation. melissa: paul, do you realistically expect your business to keep up this pace where people saw a bomb so they want your bomb-sniffing dogs on your property? does that keep up or a week or two or few months go by and people relax? >> one of the beautiful things about the resiliency about the people in this country they have a sense to forget. i think it is a positive thing. to some degree it will follow faloff. i think uniqueness what happened in boston may continue to enhce the level of security that most people are used to prior to what happened in boston. melissa: jent men, thanks to all of yo for your insight. we appreciate your experience. >> thank you. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: next on "money," violence in venezuela following the contested
12:32 am
presidential election. will instability in the cotry jack up the price of oil? we're going to break it down. plus, could a bitcoin atm bring the virtual currency into the real world? we'll talk to a man with a plan. pyle of money many coming up this is america.
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melissa: no matter what time it is, "money" is always on the move. right now we're keeping an eye on microsoft. the tektite and is reporting its third quarter earnings tomorrow. analysts eect a 13% increase in profits among possibly reaching almost $6 billion. earnings per share, $0.68. this is partially due to strong global software revenue, and you can see, holding steady in after-hours trading. the situation in venezuela quickly becoming unhinged after a narrow defeat in sunday's presidential election. supporters of opposition candidate are taking to the streets and protesting. reporting that seven people have died. we could be staring down the barrel of a full-blown to. this is something that the u.s. should be spending money on? here to record all down, analyst at your age group. we also have been as a year, senior fellow at the foreign
12:37 am
policy research institute. and a spokesperson for free venezuela. thanks to both of you. what do you make of the events you are seeing? is this a surprise? >> i am actually pleased to see that they are actually standing for their rights. is a surprised by how close the election laws. even there were surpris that they claim that it was only one-half percent victory over the opposition. it is an indication to those that the election was stolen. even that they could not stealing more somehow. closer run then they realized. melissa: what do you make of what is going on down there right now? what does it indicate to you about where the people's real feelings are and what might happen? >> i think the election was much closer than we and most observers were expecting. i think, you know, it will be difficult for the opposition to really, you know, overturned.
12:38 am
he looks likely to be able to remain as the president, but i think he enters his term as -- in a really weak position with questionable legitimacy. melissa: do you agree with that? >> i'm not sure i really do agree with that. there's an increasing rancor but the increasing. there is now a rumor circulating today that the woman in charge of the voting was paid $7 million to rig the vote. whether the rumor is true or not, the point is, people are angry. now with the murders in the streets, we are seeing a greater instability. and as the days tick by in the violence escalates, even people who supported him my start moving away. they want a recount. they wanted. when that have a recount? melissa: so with that question there is chaos in a country that has been hostile to us for a long time and holds a massive oil reserves now. the most proven reserves in the world head of saudi arabia.
12:39 am
what should we be rooting for? >> that is a tricky question. i mean, i think, for the u.s., you know, we can expect much more of the same. so, you know, relations were often strained. i think, because -- expects to have essentially a continuation of the trade relationship that, you know -- melissa: anything the indicate that he would be any friendlier orbited be worse? we have certainly experience that in the middle east we back the underdog and it did not exactly work out for us. >> at think he would absolutely be better. he would look to a unwind a lot of the policy and welcome back private investment. we would see an improvement. although here he would be constrained by the fact that he remains in control of all of the state apparatus including state-owned. that process would take time. melissa: is that something we should put money into year in the u.s. or is that too tricky?
12:40 am
>> i think what the u.s. really should do is the recount. melissa: why do we think a recount would be any more fair in any more accurate than of thing was in the first place? >> that is absolutely true, but there were no real observers. the so-called observers or people from countries that are very much on apparel. basically people sitting around in a hotel lobby drinking whiskey. melissa: if we have a recount we have no id we have all the facts. >> that's true. that is true. but i think we do -- it would show exactly what is missing people would know how many people voted. and at least it would end the violence. i agree also that he would be better. melissa: before we go, is there anything that we could do that would be effective to try and back in? eighth thing we could spend money on to try and influence the outcome of what is going on than there? >> you know, i think the u.s. has to tread cautiously here because your dealing with the
12:41 am
government that is already blaming the u.s. government for actually giving job as cancer and also trying to overturn the government. so i think -- is a delicate balance. so far the u.s. government saying that they support a recount is really the right approach to take. melissa: great panel. a lot of great insight. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks. melissa: coming up, all the rage. one man was to bring the virtual currency into the real world. planning to spend -- set up special bitcoin atms all around the world. what a good idea. we will talk to him next. the end of the day it's all about bitcoin. ♪ we went out and asked people a simple question:
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♪ melissa: the bitcoin bonanza continues, this time with good news for anyone who wants to get bitcoin on the go. bitcoin atms could soon be coming to a neighborrood near you. they were kind of like regular atms, but instead of getting cash out you put cash in and a virtual currency. the first oneould be up and running as soon as next week. he really have that much faith? we need atms to back here now with this breakthrough idea is bitcoin atm founder and chief
12:46 am
editor of the dollar vigilante. okay. i have to ask you about the logistic because my first response to the bitcoin atm was, but they don't really exist as physical entities. wide money in a team? >> that is exactly the point. thus people don't know how to get them. melissa: there aren't physical ones. >> that's correct. and so many people have to go online, bank wire transfer to some exchange. so what we're trying to do is make easier for people to get bitcoin and also to give money. melissa: by them. go and trade your cash. is a store and credit-card? it is not like you're getting cash of the atm. >> you just get a receipt. put in your bitcoin account number in because into the internet. melissa: why would you need a machine rather than giving in on your computer at home are going to some other type of location? >> you can, but you can also take cash out of your account an hour atm. if you have bitcoin you can go to an atm and actually take
12:47 am
dollars out. melissa: said the value, it's fluctuating so wildly. this is something that we have been following year on the show. how does that play into trying to have the machines? does in the volatility make it moreifficult? >> not for us necessarily because we just do a transaction. we are extending from one person who wants to sell bitcoin to another person who wants to buy. so we are just a means the transaction. we can offset. but definitely it's an interesting time. definitely a volatile al rate, still very small market. its hallmark is currently about $1 billion, which is very small. $9 trillion, for example. so it's one-tenth of 1%. so it's still ver early. it can move quite a bit if their is a lot of sudden demand. melissa: early days and it has done a lot of attention. makes me feel like it is a speculative trade that you might make money on, but it is not a
12:48 am
store of value. why do i need a machine? is this something that i trade? why do i need a machine? >> well, there are many different reasons. i don't suggest people look to buy it as an investment. it is not an investment. as a way to transact. it's an excellent way to transact instantly. very easily anywhere in the world. a touch of the button. melissa: why is it better to translate this with and just using dollars or paypall or anything else? >> it's easy and a lot of people don't have a lot of faith in the dollar and things like that right now, the euro, the cyprus thing is what ignited bitcoin. people are slowly over time losing faith in the central banks. melissa: but that is back to it being a currency in the store of value ove time. if you don't have faith in the currency, that does not mean you don't want to buy or sell something in that day. it is still teeseven dollar is still a good transactional tool. >> the dollar is a decent transactional tool today, not a good store of value perry constantly being inflated. melissa: but bitcoin is not a
12:49 am
better store of value. sterling up and down all the time. >> and i didn't say it is a store of value. a look at it as a transaction. melissa: really quick before you go, the first one is in cyprus and san diego. how did you pick those two locations? because they don't have a lot of common. >> we first announced the machine about a month ago when we are finally ready for the market. cyprus at that time had no banks are atms. we thought we would announce to put one there. melissa: a lot of good attention. thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate your time. up next on "money," you have heard a bull and bear markets. this little guy mightust be the best stock picker out there. stay right there for more. ♪
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♪ melissa: it is time for a little fun with "spare change." joining us today, thank you. >> thank you for getting my name right. melissa: i know. every week. every next week of the back to saying it the wrong way. don't get excited. first up, do you know what this is? do you know what that is? it is the sound of cicadas. here is a fun fact, supposedly great for stocks. it's a good thing they're on their way to invade the
12:54 am
northeast. according to morningstar stocks have posted an average gain of 21% during the years that the cicadas come, dating all the way back to 1928. so maybe we should be buying right now. >> all the years. melissa: that's okay. i feel better about your name. >> wow. al. sort of. that's awesome. go buy stocks. melissa: did you know that there are edible? >> i have eaten them. i work for america online in the newsroom. on a dare they asked me. this was back when videos or of little desks at the 25 ministers of blood. there is video of it somewhere. melissa: they are huge. we have a lot of questions. >> well, it takes up the stomach and the entrails with it. you pop it into your mouth.
12:55 am
they have a 90 -- [laughter] melissa: the whole studio. >> they don't taste like chicken. >> to you tot? >> attracted to it. you are so just wanting to get it down. >> like little insect legs. melissa: when you read the head and the entrails out, was that the party to? >> us at the par you eat. you read the other part. >> what do you do with the head and the interest? >> apparently very good with stocks. melissa: exactly. while. i don't know how i will ever recover. let's try and move on to anything else. this is fun. multimillion-dollar dding centered around the tv show game of thrones. it is for master founder billionaire john parker and his co friend, alexandria clinics. they are spending, get this to nearly $9 million on this extravaganza. obviously guests will be especially designed costumes.
12:56 am
they have hired a lot of the rings costa maker to make dreadlocks for all the guests. i would love that. would you like to be a fly on the wall at the sweating? >> why don't they just go to medieval times? it's a much cheaper. so much cheaper. melissa: possibly more fund. >> the problem i have is for the past 20 years we have spent time trying to advance the cause. these guys are setting the beat movement back 100 years. you kidding me? they said the move back 100 years of this. we have the dot com world. we on this stuff. they're coming out and doing a game of frans letting. melissa: he has suggested timber like playing him in the movie. does not get a lot cooler than that. >> it was not necessarily a good thing in the movie. >> and now. totally. yes. the creative director. >> the credentials of his wife. >> i spent all of junior high every day going home, no
12:57 am
friends, nothing. on the internet, life changed. yes. setting beat them back 20 years with the sweating. melissa: why is this worse than what is normally done? that is what i don'tnderstand. why is this worse? >> when you have that much money to do it on any -- you know, by an island. go create a water park. to create a game of drones wedding. >> how many wedding said the gun to your like -- >> weddings on their own. >> neither forced to put on dreadlocks. >> exactly. melissa: gary m. bass. whenever. >>xactly. duet dexter theme wedding. kill people. that's awesome. melissa: you are insane. wow. >> i am so frightened. >> move my chairver here for a second. melissa: carnival cruise is hoping that kate middleton will be a lucky charm, named the
12:58 am
godmother of their new ship, the royal princess. middleton will attend the ship's -- ships christening. will she be able to stop the growing pains? >> prince william as a search and rescue pilot. rescue me of the ship when stops. and that poor woman is like seven months pregnant. why am i on a ship. melissa: and they're dragging her onto a ship that is destined to become a floating toilet in the middle of the ocean. >> serbian on a boat somewhere. she winds up giving birth. that doesn't seem like it will wind up as a good idea. melissa: i don't see it ending. one more, dennis rodman making the news. the former basketball player says he is heading back to north korea in august to hang and have some fun. also says that he just wants to be loved and said down and talk. do you think you will help talking of the ledger? do you think he will make it
12:59 am
worse? >> i think if we are going to bomb north korea that will be a great time to do it. melissa: in august. >> when he is there. melissa: and let you said that and not me. >> it's a little -- i mean, why? and the only reason he is going there, it has come out that he was a bulls fan when he was in college. they follow the bowles. so dennis rodman. twelve yea ago. >> go into a whole thing up. he will take care of the whole thing. melissa: one more real quick. new study confirms that men have a tough time reading women's emotions. to understand other men's feelings in remember similar moments of their own lives. clearly they cannot do the same when it comes to understanding women. are you surprised? >> not in the slightest. >> not at all. >> and never surprised about anything that men do. melissa: could you tell that we were horrified earlier? >> i have never seen


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